Incentive Programs

Appreci8u's employee incentive programs appeal to a wide range of participants and enable you to quickly adapt to your company's changing needs. We have two programs that offer complete measurability and tracking, and provide employees easy and instant on-line access to thousands of brand name gifts, including: travel and entertainment certificates, outdoor equipment, music and movie downloads . . . each hand-selected to match the recipients' specific interests.

Awards Collection Program:
The Appreci8u Awards Collection Program offers a convenient, cost-effective system with an easy-to-use, proven concept eliminating the need for paper award catalogs or pre-approved order forms. Program participants receive a gift card at one of the twenty-five (25) predetermined award levels. Using the redemption site, they will enter their gift card number and select the award of their choice. It's that simple!

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Note: To view the demo website, please type in one of the following category codes into the "Card Number" field:

$50 awards demo code: 04abcde12345
$100 awards demo code: 06abcde12345
$200 awards demo code: 08abcde12345

Points-Based Award Program:
The Appreci8u Points-Based Award Program ties points to work performance, awarding points for specific actions and behaviors. Recipients redeem points through our online award ordering system, which enables employees to efficiently identify the products that most interest them, track their accumulation of points, then complete the points redemption transaction, quickly and reliably.

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Note: Type "view" as your Employee ID Number to see demo site.

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